´AYO´ Let´s Plant Trees

           ´For every product you purchase, AYO plants one tree.´

AYO works with nature, not against it. We want to protect and plant more trees that AYO derives natural dye from for its products. To make natural dyes we do NOT cut down trees, we use only parts that can re-generate or collect fallen components (i.e. leaves) 


Why trees?

Tree facts:
  1. Trees clean the air we breath
  2. Trees filter the water we drink
  3. 1,6 billion people worldwide depend on trees for their daily income
  4. Trees produce our food for both human and animals
  5. Trees provide us with natural dyes


During my trip through Java, I discovered Trees4Trees (T4T), a non-governmental organisation founded ten years ago in West Java. Their key priority is to empower local communities through reforestation initiatives and education programs.
Trees4Trees functions as a partnership between local T4T supervisors and farmers. Supervisors advise farmers on a wide variety of trees to plant, such as Mango, Mahogany and Sonokeling—trees that AYO derives natural dyes from.
Farmers in the T4T program also participate in trainings that educate them on the seedling growth process,  how to care for the trees and how to calculate the value of matured trees. Local wood buyers often take advantage of uneducated farmers about the price and quality of their trees. Through these trainings, farmers understand their financial worth and how to negotiate a fair price. This enables them to make valuable changes in even the smallest of villages.

The process

For every product you purchase, we plant one tree with Trees4Trees. As soon as you receive your AYO product, we will provide your personal World Identification Number ‘WIN’ code.´. This unique WIN is the tracking number for the tree we plant on your behalf. Have you already purchased your first AYO and curious about what tree we planted for you? Follow these steps!
  1. Open your AYO package and find your WIN code on the ´thank you’ card.
  2. Go to the trees4trees website, and in the right bottom corner of the page, you’ll see the ´See Your Trees´ button. Type in your WIN number and FIND YOUR TREE!
  3. You can come back to this website to check on your tree as often as you’d like.


tree planting